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 Russian home page

  About our firm
    Our production factories views
    Details of production factories
    Our handcrafters at the factories

  Log homes that we built
    Our log homes in the world
    Our log homes in the Norway
    Our log homes in the Germany
    Our log homes in the Hungary
    Our log homes in the Japan

  Look inside of log home
    Steadfast gaze - the first house
    Steadfast gaze - the second house
    Stairs and balkonies
    Windows and doors
    Furniture in the log home
      Panorama 1
      Panorama 2

  Base of your home
    Basic components of process building log shell 

  The world of wooden decorations
    Wooden sculpture for your log home
    Poles and exterior for a log home
    Furniture in the log homes style
    Just beautiful things

  Technical detalis
    Technological line
    Manual processing of logs
    Examples log shells from round logs and from oval logs
    More in detail about oval logs
    Use of a special longitudinal groove for management of creation of cracks in a log

    From ideas of the customer... Up to their embodiment

  Models of your houses

  What is a log home?  (the helpful information and articles)
    Tree as a building material (In Russian)
    Reliable choice of reliable walls (In Russian)
    Manual work (In Russian)
    It is necessary to choose only... (the analysis of technologies of manual cabin) - (In Russian)
    The carpenter (In Russian)
    To data... (In Russian)

  Our awards
    The Main Russian Premium “Russian National Olympus”
      Link official site   
        The nomination “Prominent Firms of Small and Medium Business”
    French reward: “Gold medal of Association of assistance to industry"
      Site of  Association of assistance to industry  
      Founder of Association  (1801)  Jean-Antoine Chaptal

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