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Information for dealers

We are interested to develop our export to Europe and other countries.

Most of our export houses are sold through dealers.  
From our point of view a local dealer has very important role in selling the log house. For a producer of log houses it is difficult to sell houses to the customers of various countries directly. Each country has its own regulations and traditions; and all stages of work with a customer require specific knowledge, personal communication, control and monitoring the project

We have various and rich experience in cooperation with dealers in foreign countries. We are for more than 15 years on the Norwegian market, the country where competition between producers is strong. Stable quality of our work provided to us good reputation and assurance that our production is very competitive due to optimal combination of 2 most important parameters - Quality and Price.

Plus our experience In Switzerland and Germany indicates that these countries are good markets for the log.

It is not necessary to be a professional in construction business to become our dealer.

One of the ways to start your own business is to order a log home for yourself. After finishing it you will have enough experience to be a general contractor.

In principal you can operate as a general contractor, contractor (sell our package and assemble it) or be an agent advertising our log houses on commission percents. We can provide you with all necessary information and technical assistance.

Our specialists can provide assembling of a log home package on the building site. (We can receive work permit for our builders in Norway, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Sweden: for other countries we need to ask their consulates to have exact information).

We have very strong position for cooperation in projects of building (developing estate property) a village-like area, where each house will be individual expressing the wishes of the owner. We can manufacture ~10 large houses at the same time (simultaneously).

We think that we are a unique firm: our capacity is 10000-11000 m2 of really handcrafted log homes per year with our high standard quality.

Ever growing interest to log homes in Europe and other countries due to general and permanent tendency to the healthy way of life.

Unique seismic stability of log buildings also stimulates additional interest to them in the countries of seismic active regions: Japan, Turkey, Kazakhstan.

Please, do not hesitate, ask your questions, we are open for discussion 

For our dealers we provide various servises: in printing materials, internet support, in promotion of thier sites.

Our tel.+7 921 938 00 80, +7 812 740 14 20, +7 812 740 14 30
Our fax.+7 812 527 38 27

Our address: 195030 Shosse Revolutsii 106, St.Petersburg, Russia

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