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Log houses that we have built 

Our log homes in the world

  • The company "Russian house" is the largest manufacturer-exporter of handcrafted, full-scribe log shells in Russia.

  • More than 15 years we cooperate in this business with Norway, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, South Korea.
  • Our houses obtained Norwegian certificates allowing to use them as round-year residential houses.
  • Our main product is a completely precut log shell of various styles and designs. Mostly, we manufacture in classical Scandinavian and Russian styles, accounting modern trends in European architecture. We can adjust your project to the style accepted in your land.
  • Each house is made by individual project.
    We can remake (adjust) your project, accounting specific points of our technology.
  • We have a design studio.
  • We also produce wooden (solid) doors, windows, stairs, railings, tables, seats, chairs and various decorative elements: carved pillars, wind boards, trim boards for doors and windows, decorative plates and carved sculpture.
Some more photo look on page -
"Our log homes in Norway",   "Our log homes in Germany",
"Our log homes in Hungary", "Our log homes in Japan"
All homes on the site, built by the company "Russian House".

Some more photo look on page -
"Our log homes in Norway"   "Our log homes in Germany"
"Our log homes in Hungary" "Our log homes in Japan"
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Our address: 195030 Shosse Revolutsii 106, St.Petersburg, Russia

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