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Rewarding ceremony of the laureates of the 4th premium “Russian National Olympus” took place on 6 of November 2001.  

The premium “Russian National Olympus” was established in 1999. Nowadays it is the most important premium in Russia, which reflects supreme social and economic progress of our country. Its founders are Government of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Science, Chamber of Commerce, Russian Union of Manufacturers and Employers, Stock of social development “The Third Millennium”. The chairman of steering committee is the first president of USSR Gorbachev M.S.  

The premium is given to state and social figures as well as the best domestic companies.  

The company “Russian House” was awarded by The Main Russian Premium “Russian National Olympus” in nomination “Prominent Firms of Small and Medium Business” for great progress in social and economical sphere of Russia in 2000. Russian government has appreciated company’ work at its true value.  

The premium was awarded to Viktor Chernomyrdin (“The Order of Civic Honour”), Alexander Karelin (“National Hero”), Oleg Lundstrem (“Super-Star”), Igor Kirillov (“The Epoch Person”), Anatoly Karpov (“The Legend Person”) and other outstanding people. Among organizations the premium was awarded to State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (“History. Culture.”), Moscow hotel “Budapest” (“Service. Trading.”), Chistopol factory “Vostok” (“Technologies. Sciences.”).  

Among the laureates are Maya Plisetskaya, Ludmila Zikina, Valentina Tereshkova, Mstislav Rostropovich and other outstanding figures.

Rambler, 2001.

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