What is your log shell? What does it include?

It is a unique kind of shell. Hardly you can find another firm that produces similar one.

It contains maximum of high quality handcrafted material:

Outside, inside walls and all gables are made of logs.

The shell is completely pre-cut at our factory:

The joists for floor and ceiling are cut into the walls,
Horizontal roof beams (purlins) cut into the gables,
Gables are cut in accordance with the angle of the roof,

Special cuts are made to organise the cracking in the vertical direction.
Opening for windows and doors are made in accordance with the specification.

What are your logs (profile, diameter surface)?

We manufacture 2 classical profiles:

round full-scribe diameter 24-27 cm for not large cottages and around 30 cm for bigger constructions.

and oval full-scribe - with 20 cm thickness of outside walls (in Norway we obtained a certificate allowing to use our buildings for round year living without additional insulation of outside walls)

All logs and beams (visible surface) are worked over with a planer,

In interiors, often, customers want to have visible ceiling beams and purlings (horizontal roof beams),

It is possible to use square or round profiles for them

What is the price of your log shell?

If you ask an American, Canadian or Scandinavian firm to produce the same log shell as we handcraft- you will have to pay exorbitant price. For the price we offer you can find only a machine-made log shell with far from the best quality.

When you choose between log shells you need carefully compare a lot of points in which the shells differ.

The shell of logs is the basic part of a log home. All other elements depend on it. In proportion to the price of the whole project the price of the log shell may be less than 25%, so when you choose between the shells, we think, it is highly irrational to economise on quality of the shell. With better quality log shell you will economise on heating and maintenance.

May I compare your production to other firms?