"Russian house" - log homes (log houses handmade), log shells, log cabins, cottages, wooden carved decorations, 
	  furniture - all that is hand-made with flawless quality

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log house handmade


About our firm
Tel: +7(921)938-00-80, 8(812) 740-14-20, 740-14-30, 527-38-27
E-mail :  rushouse@mail.wplus.net
St. Petersburg, Russia


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

 We are glad to introduce the company “Russian house” that manufactures, exports and assembles a unique kind of log houses handmade, "Dream homes”, as people in USA and Canada often call them. The company “Russian house” started its activities in 1996. Our goal for these years has been to produce the best quality log houses handmade.

The premium "Russian National Olympus"

"Russian House" was awarded by honourable French reward: "Gold medal of Association of assistance to industry"

 Our desire to work hard and to develop the art of log building made our company the leader in this business. Our slogan is - Quality our log houses handmade will stand the test of time.

Some facts about the company "Russian house" that show our activities:

  • The company "Russian house" is the largest manufacturer-exporter of log houses handmade in Russia.
  • We have created a unique company, where log houses handmade are made of the highest quality and complexity of pine, larch, spruce and cedar. We also manufacture all the wooden parts of house: wooden windows, doors, stairs, fences terraces and balconies, floor boards, linings, trim, decorative wood ornaments carved wind boards, carved pillars, wooden tables and chairs.
  • Our production facilities situated in St. Petersburg.
  • Over the years we have manufactured more than two thousand of log houses handmade. We make a small log houses and large-area home.
  • We have extensive experience in building log houses handmade large area. We have experience in manufacturing log house handmade area of 2400 m2 log.
  • Most of our log houses handmade are sold for export. We export log houses to Norway, Germany, Hungary, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Korea, Japan and some other countries. More than 15 years we cooperate in this business with Norway and Germany.
  • Our log houses handmade obtained Norwegian certificates allowing to use them as round-year residential houses.
  • Our main product are log houses of various styles and designs. Mostly, we manufacture in classical Scandinavian and Russian styles, accounting modern trends in European architecture. We can adjust your project to the style accepted in your land.
  • Each log house handmade is made by individual project.
    We can remake (adjust) your project, accounting specific points of technology.
    We have a design studio.
  • We manufacture log houses handmade and we use russian, norwegian and canadian technologies of building

 You can see photos of log houses handmade built by our company.

 Vladimir Evdokimov

 General director of "Russian House Ltd."

Our production factories views

Details of production factories

Our handcrafters at the factories

Our tel.:   +7 921 938 00 80,   +7 812 740 14 20,   +7 812 740 14 30 ,  
Our fax.:  +7 812 527 38 27
E-mail address:  rushouse@mail.wplus.net
Our address: 195030 Shosse Revolutsee 106, St. Petersburg, Russia