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Look inside the wooden houses that we built.

Interior of our log home in Norway with "cathedral" ceiling

Attention - the NOVELTY!!! - "Steadfast gaze"
Attention - the NOVELTY!!! - "Steadfast gaze"

Pages about interiors of a separate houses:
"Steadfast gaze" 
the houses:
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On this site you can see a lot of photographs: almost all of them show our production. It shows the result of our work, the work of our handcrafters, carpenters, joiners, wood carvers, architects, constructors and office workers. All these various specialists work in "Russian house", work as a united team oriented on quality result.

Halls Stairs Fireplace Windows and doors Interiors
     Here you can feel the difference between wood and other materials for interior. Take in one hand a piece of wood and in the other a stone and you also will feel the difference. The beauty and natural warmth of wood walls, their ability to soften sounds creates a quiet and soothing atmosphere in your log home. The stairs, doors, windows, railing and furniture could be produced and installed by our carpenters.
Attention to detail is very important. Doors, windows, pillars, railings - everything should serve the purpose of creating harmony.

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