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Technical details of construction log shell

One of possible inside structures of a log house showing technical details of walls, ceiling, roof etc.


  Here You may get to know more detailed version of technological line of log home building. 


Building material

Northern Russian pine - best building material

   We build from Northen pine trees. Logs of any diameter (between 22-35cm) can be chosen to suit your personal taste. The logs possess inherent insulating qualities that will satisfy round-year living standards.  


Construction of a log home from lafet

 We use 2 classical profiles of logs: Norwegian oval-flatten ("lafet") and Russian round logs.

The profile of our scribe is finished with hand tools to have maximum good settling characteristics. It means very tight joint between logs after the log home is in balance with the environment. (It takes place after 2-3 years: only then you will feel the final difference between the good and bad quality of log homes).


Norwegian notch

  For "lafet" logs we use the Norwegian notch, which was developed in Norway several hundred years ago. This notch has very good settling characteristics.

For round logs we use (classical) round notch.

Round notch

Additional technical points

   On the top side of each log we produce a cut that makes the log to crack generally parallel the wall, that is best for a log house. The scribe of the next log covers this cut.

Logs are handpeeled and handplaned, The logs are set-up and scribed using a modified set of dividers with a two-way level and an indelible pencil attached. When scribed, the log is taken down and notched with chainsaws and chisels, leaving the scribe lines intact. Then the log is placed back onto the building, fitting perfectly to the log below.    

Settling of a log home

    Producing opening for doors and windows, making poles and other elements that depend on the settling of the logs we always account the settling in our technology.     

Elements that give individuality to your log home

   In a log home it is the details that brings the building to life. Terraces, balconies, railings, stairs, poles, various trim boards (for doors, windows, edge of roof…).   


Log shell of lafet in Norway

We are assembling our log home in Scandinavia Our log home transported by helicopter on a mountain We manufacture lafet log shell at our factory
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